I am pregnant with your child.what will you tell Ariel

You’re not. Therefore, nothing.

i'm doing ok. school's a little...ok very, hard right now.

It’s alright! You’ll get through it! An education is very important right now! Do your best! If anything, you can always come work on the ship with me!

Look at my girl! She’s beautiful!

hi :) how's life been treating you?

Life has been treating me very well. My kingdom is peacful, and my family is safe. That’s all that matters to me.

What about you lassy?

Sometimes I think you're worse than King Triton.

Sometimes….no not sometimes, I thinnk you’re always worse than anything fate could throw at me. My house could burn down tomorrow, and it’s still be better than having to deal with you.


And you are one of my favorite RPers :)) Thank you! <3

Really? Am I? I really don’t think I do that well…and all I do is answer questions.

What was your life like when your parents were alive?

Well, my father, of course, was a seamen and my mother stayed at home with me. She taught me everything about being a proper price. Now, as a child, I wasn’t to interested, however, she also told me stories about mermaids! She was fasinated by the creatures, but I was far more intertested in being at see like my dad. The days I went out to sea with my dad are my fondest memories. He taught me how to be brave, and daring. I loved both my parents very much. Comboned they made me the person I am today…along with some help from Grimsby and Carlata. I miss them. 

Goodnight! I love you! :D

You are my absolute favorite sailor little lady. I love you too. Goodnight!